Auto Trading Binary is a unique platform that provides information and special trading services to every registered member. You can find a completely different approach to binary option trading on this platform that also provides performance analysis on a daily basis.

Special Features:

Automatic trading: By registering on Auto Trading Binary, you will be able to trade automatically with the supported brokers according to the preferences you set.

Proper information: The website also provides targeted education as many traders do not have in-depth knowledge about auto trading binary options.

Live representative: Every trader remains in contact with a dedicated representative who is authorized to provide assistance at every step from registration to trading and account management.

Set the course: The trades will take place automatically but you will always be in control through preference settings.

Performance monitoring: You can check how the automatic trading is improving your trading results by analyzing the daily performance reports that are consistently updated on the website.

Control the risk: This is the most distinctive feature of Auto Trading Binary(ATB). You can easily set the amount of risk you want to take with your trades. It is very advantageous in calculating and planning a long term business venture.

General Overview:

Established in 2011, Auto Trading Binary is based upon the Faunus Analytics trading signals that have been created especially for binary option trading and are applicable on more than 150 types of assets and expiries.

The trading is performed through execution of many complex and versatile algorithms that analyze many variables to execute trades automatically for you. The programs will follow your preferences by using the strategy and risk profile you have set at the time of registration.

It is very easy to change the strategy and the risk profile any time from the member’s dashboard. The website also contains exclusive content on binary option trading. News announcements also affect the market therefore there is a dedicated section on the website that solely focuses on emerging and imminent news.

Partner Brokers:

Auto Trading Binary is currently partnered with CiTrades broker to provide unmatched services to its members. Automated trading is still a new concept in binary option market and it is gradually becoming more and more renowned. The company is working to partner with more brokers to provide a more sophisticated experience.

The services are run by an experienced team of trading gurus who are amazed by the ROI binary option trading offers. Auto Trading Binary claims to provide 100% transparent and secure processes that control the member’s funds. All the transaction costs are covered by the company.

Quick Roundup:
  • There is no fee to register on Auto Trading Binary (ATB) platform.
  • The minimum withdrawal value is USD/EUR 100.
  • You will need to provide verification/authentication documents in order to withdraw from your trading account.
  • If you have availed signing bonuses, then you must have at least 30 times that amount in your account to be able to withdraw the funds.

Auto Trading Binary is providing remarkable services to its members for many years. As the concept of automated trading becomes more mainstream every day, the popularity of the company also increases.