Online trades allow individuals to earn profits in a short period of time. However, this doesn’t seem easy when you are left alone in a whole new world of scammers. Making a wise financial decision requires rationality and perfect knowledge of the market. is among the platforms that offer online trading services. Nevertheless, one should be vigilant enough to understand the potential risks and gains involved. Let’s check out how CiTrades works and see if it is a reliable platform to opt for.

Auto Trading Service
It has been observed that traders open online accounts for generating money in the blink of an eye. Many scam platforms use software that asks you to create an account and deposit money so that you can earn bucks while sleeping. The worse thing is that the software does not work at all and brokers following such practices are scam. CiTrades offers auto trading binary options through a systematic process and the registration to Auto Trading Binary Service is free. An authorized representative contacts the investor to get the required information and set the

Risk/Reward profile.
Managed Accounts
Sometimes a broker from a firm calls you and offers his services to trade on your behalf. He would ensure about the increased profits and doubling your investment, but risks are that you might give away all of your hardly-earned money without any gains. With CiTrades, you can open a trading account by filling in your personal details and verifying the letter sent to your email address. After this you can deposit funds and start trading in a secure manner.

Withdrawal Procedure
In most of the cases, traders don’t get their money even after making several withdrawal requests. Depositing money to your online trading account is a simple task, but withdrawing on the other hand gets really difficult with scam platforms. You might not be able to withdraw funds after providing the required proof documents. These are all deceiving gimmicks adopted by the forgery online brokers. CiTrades allows its clients to withdraw money by following the prescribed withdrawal process. However, the money would go back to client’s trading account in case any important step is missed while withdrawing funds.

Payment Methods
There could be two causes for unauthorized credit card charges. The first one can be an honest mistake when an online broker processed your payment twice. On the contrary side, the broker can do it deliberately and then ask you to deposit more funds to play again. CiTrades avoid this by using the true channels of payment including Skrills, MasterCard, American Express, NASDAQ and more. You can abstain from losing your money by using these reliable payment methods.

Training Guide
An online trader will not be able to make the most of a broker platform until he knows about the true strategies and procedures. Scammers don’t provide the true guide to their clients or the information given in tutorials has no application in the real world. CiTrades give access to all the basic strategies, lessons, video tutorials and Binary Options E-book for beginners. You can find the required information from the Broker website and use it to become a successful binary option trader in the long run. This didactic material is provided to users so that they can have the best understanding of how to earn intelligently.
Therefore, keeping all these aspects in mind CiTrades doesn’t seem to fall under any scam tactics that fake broker platforms may use to trap users.