Here is the most effective 60 second binary option strategy that must be used to supplement your long term trading strategy. This method will give you increased profits and safety when trading with high asset volatility.

Simple steps of the most effective 60 second binary options strategy:

Make this strategy a part of your overall binary option trading.

You will trade with a packet of 3 contracts with identical details, with each trade of the packet purchased after fixed time intervals of 10-25 seconds.

Make sure all your trades are completely same including the asset, and the price they have been purchased for.

The interval between the 3 trades in a packet is directly proportional to the price volatility of the trading asset. The higher the volatility, the longer should be the interval between trade purchases.

The default (minimum) spacing interval between trades must be kept at 10 seconds.

As the volatility increases, increase the spacing intervals with steps of 3 or 5 seconds, until around 25 seconds.

Make sure the spacing interval between trades does not become higher than 30 seconds. More than 30 seconds of interval means your first trade will expire before the third one is even purchased.

There is no exact or paramount spacing interval for a particular asset. Start trading with this strategy and soon you will become familiar with how to choose appropriate trade intervals.

Now implement this strategy and see the results.

60 second tradingThis simple strategy neutralizes the big risks associated with high volatility involved in 60 second binary option trading. A similar (but not same) strategy is also followed by traders which is more popularly called hedging strategy. But due to some intricacies most trading platforms do not allow hedging strategies to be implemented by traders. Follow the simple strategy explained above and you will reap benefits without any problem. This strategy minimizes the losses, and in the mean time guarantees better profits from trades. It follows the simple principles of probability related to how often a trade ends in-the-money or out-of-the-money.

An important point to notice is the dependence of this strategy on volatility of the trading asset. This fact highlights the importance of 100% correct and up to date information regarding asset volatility. A trader should make sure he has all the necessary tools to harness the best out of every opportunity in binary option trading.

You should use the best indicator that readily gives you volatility information for 60 second trades. Bollinger bands can be the best option in this respect from a reliable indicator company. You must also be completely aware of all the latest news regarding the trading asset you are going to trade on. If the asset is available on a foreign market, you should be extra careful about the news sources you have subscribed to, because even a second’s delay may cost you significant money in 60 second binary option trading.