The Grand Old Duke of York is a unique strategy, only recently created, which improves upon the ladder strategy. The technique was developed by an individual known as Hamish- an advanced trader who was looking to improve the outcome of vanilla trades.

When Hamish tested the concept in the vanilla market and The Grand Old Duke of York presented with fantastic profits- even better than those which would have been gained with the ladder strategy- traders adapted it to suit the binary options market.

The name of the strategy originates from a rhyme mocking Prince Frederick for marching his army endlessly up and down a hill because the patterns required for the technique to be effective are similar to a cadence.

This is an advanced technique that requires a good working knowledge of trading and the market’s status and can be applied in both bear and bull markets. It is strongly suggested that beginning traders avoid attempting this technique- if the preparation work is not calculated properly; the trader is at serious risk for loss. A mastery of the ladder method is suggested before attempting to undertake a trade using The Grand Old Duke of York.

The main benefit of this technique is the creation of several opportunities for traders to bet and collect payouts at several designated levels of implied volatility. These opportunities ensure that the trader achieves the maximum level of profit will minimizing risk. Many strategies will only do one or the other- improve profit or reduce risk- The Grand Old Duke of York is one of few techniques which allows a trader to do both.

When done properly, traders will experience neither total win nor total loss as the end result- this defies the normal results of trading binary options by creating the opportunities to place bets multiple times- a situation where it would be unusual for a trader to fail to be at least partially correct if they have the appropriate level of skill to attempt this strategy. Failing to bet appropriately at any one of the level points will still result in a total loss, but this outcome has a drastically reduced likelihood when the preparation work has been done skillfully.

One of the two major flaws of this technique is the level of complexity the strategy requires. Traders must be advanced enough to determine the multiple levels for bet opportunities. This is accomplished by analyzing the market for the best strike prices when compared to expiry time. However, the major flaw lies in the ability of the trader to locate a broker capable of providing a platform which can handle strategies of this complexity. These brokers do exist, but typically require an account upgrade in order to perform tasks such as The Grand Old Duke of York.

Ultimately this technique is highly effective when the preparatory calculations are accurately made by a skilled trader. While the strategy is complex and requires more sophisticated resources the outcome of this improved ladder strategy will serve traders well.